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avocado angel • Ⓥ • cancer • FL me / my pictures / instagram / wishlist

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19. So Cal.

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Live in new york , est. 26 Feb. 1994

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|insta: cezorio | snap: cesorio

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questions & comments appearance Spectacular Mountains

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MellRoseGotBody Official Tumblr Page: trying to build my port one day at a time

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The internet adventures of an undercover hippie.

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whats up guys im Andrew, 20 years of age, I was born and raised in New York but currently reside in Southern California, get at me :) kik: addictivethinking

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Bay Area. Vintage love. Model. Travel. Behavior Analyst and Technician.

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weed is great

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Hello tumblr folks. LOL Deedee/Donni. 94, July 26. Born New Yorker. Raised in Georgia. Recently stuck in Portland, Oregon. Asian Mix. Average height 51. Budda "Ive never fooled anyone. Ive let...

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Twitter : @TheRealAlanG

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IG : Twiggyy.y SC : PrettyTwiggy ✌️

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My name is Gauge and Im on the computer a lot. Okay, most of the time.

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My name is Jon. I like music, and weed. I know a good suit when I see one, and I can make a mean sandwich. Edgar Allan Poe is the king. Enjoy the blog kids.

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Im an artist of almost all mediums. I love nature and all animals except for horses, dolphins & whales - they freak me the hell out. I keep exotic pets & i have a slight obsession with goldfish. I...

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I shout. I believe. I try.

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In order to command you must first learn to obey. Strength comes from learning to overcome pain. wisdom comes from the pain of humiliation. Courage is gained from overcoming fear. In order to control...

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21. FAGG-AGGRESSIVE. artistic. unique. short. a peachy-apple. funny. sarcastic. blunt. useful ;; im into some artsy fartsy madness so if your blog catches my eye. thats when ill follow. until...

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Im Amanda. I do youtube videos. Follow me (;

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Clare. 21 years young. welcome to the inside of my ADHD riddled brain. enjoy yourself here. kick back relax and keep an eye out for original photos.

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