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Urban Exploration, Abandoned Places, Hidden History & Alternative Travel

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Photographs of abandoned buildings, hospitals, asylums, industry, amusement parks, theaters and other urban ruins, accompanied with accounts of urban exploration by Tom Kirsch

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Abandoned Florida is dedicated to documenting and reporting news on endangered, abandoned and neglected sites throughout the state of Florida.

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Every abandoned place has a story.

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Fine art photography website showing mostly urbex (urban exploration) pictures. Urban exploration is about visiting abandoned places.

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SPERRZONE - Verlassene Orte & Industriekultur

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History, photos and images of abandoned places in our modern world. The ruins of places we once loved.

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Wir bloggen über Street art, Graffiti, Urban Exploring (Verlassene Orte), die Architektur, Stadtentwicklung und Schienenverkehr in Berlin

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Juridische resultaten uit het verleden bieden wél garantie voor de toekomst!

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Explore Forums are a forum dedicated to outdoor activities such as urban exploring, ghost town exploring, abandoned places, mining, camping, fishing, and much more.

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New England Ghost Towns, abandoned places and lost history from Maine, New Hampshire, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Vermont, Massachusetts

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I take photographs of the decaying and beautiful world around me !

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Abandoned, spaces, photography

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Abandoned places photography by Simonas Šileika

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Detroit Urban Exploration Photography by Hillary Fox

Popularity: Tags: ruins of detroit, detroit ruins, urban exploration, abandoned places Abandoned Photo

Abandoned Photo - Night Photographer Brett Baker is out to capture America's abandoned past. Using Light Painting and Night Photography, America's rotting treasures are brought out in a new light.

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Still Alive: industrial photography by Marcello Modica.

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Llocs que el temps ha esmicolat a l'oblit. Llocs tancats, clausurats, oblidats i a vegades prohibits que aquí es recuperen com a memòria gràfica i record imperdurable del que un dia foren. Lugares que el tiempo ha despedezado en el olvido. Lugares cerrados, clausurados, olvidados y a veces prohibidos que aquí se recuperan como memoria gráfica y recuerdo imperdurable de lo que un día fueron.

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A photographic journey ranging from the world of rock music, scenery and people, to abandoned places

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