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An extensive collection of information covering all historical states, including comprehensive features, highly detailed maps, and lists of rulers for each state.

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Roma Sub Rosa Mysteries set in Ancient Rome

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Что связывает древние цивилизации и культуры? Для чего построены пирамиды и другие мегалитические сооружения? Что такое геоглифы Наски? Ответы на эти и многие другие вопросы Вы сможете найти на сайте проекта "Вперед в Прошлое".,----------,What connects ancient civilizations and cultures? For what pyramids and other megalytic constructions are constructed? What are Nazca's geoglyphs? You can find answers to these and many other questions on the site "Onward to the Past" project.

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Electrum Magazine "Why the Past Matters " a free e-magazine, offers a wide range of articles in Humanities, History, Ancient World, Archaeology, Classics, Art History, Book Reviews, Paleoclimatology, History of Science. Patrick Hunt (Editor-in-Chief), James Geary (Managing Editor), Marlin Lum (Technical Editor)

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Ancient history, creation myths, space

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Funky Stock Photo Library home of fantastic royalty free travel pictures, delicious food images and wonderful stock photos of museum artefacts and antiquities.

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Megaliths of the World as Astronomy - Megalithic Sites - Standing Stones -

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An ancient and medieval history portal with commentary by thriller writer Gary Carson.

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High quality group tours with centrally located hotels in over 40 countries personally customized to meet your needs.

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Presents ancient world history sources and research on Mediterranean civilizations, historians, Greek, Roman, Phoenician, Egyptian museums and history associations

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The largest MMO database, listing 3,300+ titles for all platforms including MMORPG, Browser Games, iPhone and Android MMO - featuring Top 100 List and Best New Games of 2013!

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Is the lost island of Atlantis myth or reality? Where did Atlantis exist? Which people inhabited it? Which civilization did they develop? Åßíáé ç ÷áìÝíç Áôëáíôßäá ìýèïò Þ ðñáãìáôéêüôçôá; Ðïõ âñéóêüôáí; Ðïéïò Þôáí ï ðïëéôéóìüò ôùí ÁôëÜíôùí;

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Author and Editor of Novels & Short Stories, Humor Writer, Crime Writer, The Good Scouts, A SELF MADE MAN, Murder In Babylon

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Welcome to Michael Graves-Johnston Antiquarian & Rare Books.

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Introduction to the seven wonders of the ancient world

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Review of Ancient art and antiquities, the players the industry and The world of ancient artifacts.

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I have built the website in my Local WordPress as I had said I was doing so tomorrow at 10 a.m., Pacific Time, this blog will be under maintenance, hopefully

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Ancient World, Reviving Ancient and exotic works of Art

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So many games to play!

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