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advertising Prooftag Home Page - Prooftag | Unique Proof of Authenticity

Security solutions for governments and private companies. Our innovations are used to secure, trace and prove the authenticity of documents and products.

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advertising Skyetek Rfid Now Part of Jadak Technologies

SkyeTek joined JADAK in 2015; JADAK has continued the full SkyeTek RFID product portfolio. With SkyeTek, JADAK enables one-stop shopping for AIDC Technology.

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advertising - Anti-counterfeiting News

Breaking news on anti-counterfeiting and authentication technologies, supply chain security and brand protection.

Popularity: Tags: anti-counterfeiting, supply chain security, technologies news, brand protection Consul+ Security Holograms Consul+ Studies How to Protect Genuine Products And by Certifying Their Authenticity.

The holograms are optical devices that sit down with image three-dimensional impact, that varies wanting forward to the angle of browse from that you simply} just look. By their terribly strong to imitate, holograms are used for anti-counterfeiting

Popularity: Tags: security holograms, hologram, anti-counterfeiting, products ip Fridays - The Podcast About Intellectual Property, Patents, Trademarks And Copyright

This podcast covers intellectual property including trademarks, patents and designs. It is brought to you by Ken Suzan, of counsel and a trademark attorney at

Popularity: Tags: ip, intellectual property, patent, patents Pagemark Technology | Home Page

Pagemark Technology provides a variety of security solution for preventing counterfeiting, fraud and diversion. Solutions include Pagemark Track and Trace (serialization), iVerifyIT, holography, , and other printing related products. Products provided are to increase the security of high value documents like passports, ID cards, DMV documents, parking permits, birth certificates. PM provides brand protection in addition to anti-counterfeiting and anti-copying. Markets we provide solutions for are the federal and state governments, airlines, luxury goods, pharmacy, packaged goods, health care and many others.

Popularity: Tags: fraud, anti-counterfeiting, fraud protection, brand prote Selinko | Every Object Has an Identity.

Selinko offers a highly secure authentication solution to combat counterfeiting, combined with secure traceability and direct marketing services

Popularity: Tags: anti-counterfeiting, counterfeit, brand protection, online brand protection Marketly - The Best Online Brand Protection

Our software helps leading companies reduce piracy and counterfeiting. It’s the best way to protect your reputation, revenue and customers.

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Brand protection has become exponentially more,challenging in the digital age, as the world has become far ,smaller and more interconnected.

Popularity: Tags: product protection, asset protection, brand security, anti-counterfeiting Nanomatrix - Anti-counterfeiting And it Specialist

NanoMatriX International Limited is a specialist in anti-counterfeiting technology, mobile track and trace verification systems and IT integration.

Popularity: Tags: security label, security printing, brand protection, anti-counterfeiting Verify Brand | Serialization And Traceability Software

Secure revenue streams, safeguard your brand reputation and drive value through greater visibility into your supply chains and partner networks.

Popularity: Tags: anti-counterfeiting, supply chain security, verify, supply chain Microexpert: Cryptographic Security Consultants

Cryptographic Security Consultants using Trusted Software, Smartcards, MicroSD Cards and HSMs in IoT, Digital Currencies, Payments and Cloud Transaction Systems

Popularity: Tags: security consultants, electronic payments, virtual currencies, solutions Authentix

Authentix provides product authentication or anti counterfeiting solutions for the oil and gas, pharmaceutical, consumer, tobacco, spirits, and agrochemical industries around the world. Call us @ +1 (469) 737 4400.

Popularity: Tags: brand protection, product authentication, fuel marking, supply chain security Protected Paper

Protected Paper offers the most effective security paper and security printing. Our patented AuthentiGuard void pantograph technology protects your secure documents from counterfeiting, copying or scanning. We specialize in VOID paper, secure prescription rx forms, secure certificates, secure coupons, secure transcripts, and many other security documents. Our security paper and secure document printing is fraud resistant, copy proof, counterfeit proof, tamper proof.

Popularity: Tags: anti-counterfeiting, security paper, security printing, secure document Global ip Exchange 2017

4th Global IP Exchange , iqpc exchange

Popularity: Tags: intellectual property, ip portfolio management, anti-counterfeiting, ip m Linksmart Technologies - Verifiability, Auditability And 360 Degree Accountability

Insider Threat Protected Solutions for Content Integrity Verification and Anti-Counterfeiting

Popularity: Tags: india, insider threat, anti-counterfeiting, logistics Trademark Registration And Patent Filing Since 1882

Gregorj deals consultant trademark registration and patent registration with professional consultants in intellectual property

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Join major global brands, designers, copyright owners, industry associations, government bodies, international organisations and experts in intellectual property, brand protection and anti-counterfeiting - network with them and learn about making the most of and protecting your brands, content and designs.

Popularity: Tags: anti-counterfeiting, brand protection, intellectual property rights, ip expo Steel Holograms - Nano4u Gmbh

Nano4U uses steel holograms for molds to produce injection molded holograms as part of our product authentication portfolio. This included track & trace, and anti-counterfeiting methods. Pharmaceutical authentication, in-mold holograms, and 3D coding in glass. Steel holograms, machine readable overt and covert coding, and special visualisation methods are used to protect your supply chain at the product and package level.

Popularity: Tags: anti-counterfeiting, brand protection, injection moulding, pharmaceutical Securerf - Iot Security: Home Page

SecureRF Corporation: We secure the Internet of Things with Public-Key authentication solutions to make your IoT products smart and secure.

Popularity: Tags: security, radio frequency identification, nfc, rfid One Hundred Dollar Bill | Information on United States Currency

Did you know the average life span of a hundred dollar bill is 89 months? Learn more about one hundred dollar bills here.

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Experts in Knowledge Capture software, thought leaders in brand protection, serialization, FMD, DSCSA

Popularity: Tags: anti-counterfeiting, authentication, brand protection, product security Spectra Systems Corporation

Spectra Systems manufactures products for industries that include brand authentication, document and mail processing, drug discovery, textile services and digital optical media.

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