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Our mission is to support scientific education and critical thinking to overcome religious fundamentalism, superstition, intolerance and suffering

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Creation or evolution? Read over 10,000 trustworthy articles. Watch over 200 videos. Get the latest evidence for biblical creation.

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Sam Harris, neuroscientist and author of the New York Times bestsellers, The End of Faith, Letter to a Christian Nation, and The Moral Landscape.

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Religious tolerance -- all points of view

Popularity: Tags: religious, religion, tolerance, acceptance Secular Web: Atheism, Agnosticism, Naturalism, Skepticism And Secularism

The Secular Web is the most comprehensive online resource about atheism, agnosticism, nontheism, secular humanism, rationalism, freethought, naturalism, materialism, skepticism, secularism, and other views of nonbelievers. It is owned and operated by Internet Infidels, Inc., a nonprofit educational organization devoted to the defense and promotion of naturalism, the hypothesis that nature is a closed system in the sense that it is not affected by anything outside of it.

Popularity: Tags: secular, secular web, secularist, internet infidels Black Sun Journal - Atheism, Climate Facts, Drug War, Atheist, Religion

Atheism, Religion, Atheists, Climate Change, Global Warming, Energy Transition, Drug War, Atheism, Atheist Blog

Popularity: Tags: atheism, black sun, journal, atheist • Rational Skepticism Forum seeks to promote open and reasonable discussion to support free thinking and free people. The path to free thought is through questioning, learning from, and understanding ourselves, others, and our universe.

Popularity: Tags: science, education, skepticism, rational skepticism Freedomain Radio – Home

Powerful ideas for all lovers of personal and political freedom - Freedomain Radio is one of the highest-rated podcasts on PodFeed. Topics range from philosophy to economics to art to how to achieve real freedom in the modern world. Passionate, articulate, funny and irreverent, Freedomain Radio shines a bold light on old topics - and invents a few new ones to boot!

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Canadian Mind Products home page

Popularity: Tags: atheism, bible, cmp, mind Atheist Forums

Atheist Forums is a website aimed at getting atheists and theists talking about various issues including atheism, theism, god, religion, science, and everything in between.

Popularity: Tags: atheism, god, religion, science The Freethinker - The Voice of Atheism Since 1881

The voice of atheism since 1881

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Breaking the Spell

Popularity: Tags: hinduism, atheist, india, rationality Access Denied | Used Cloudflare to Restrict Access

When liberals vote, liberals win. Its as simple as that!

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Atheist Alliance International (AAI) is the umbrella organization of atheist groups and individuals around the world committed to promoting and defending reason and the atheist worldview.

Popularity: Tags: atheism, athiest, ateist, international Godless Mom - Atheist Parenting Blog

Atheist parenting blog by Godless Mom. I write about atheism, religion, secular values, humanism and skepticism as well as parenting.

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The philosophy of religion demystified. Explores arguments for and against theism, atheism and agnosticism, including the classic proofs and disproofs of God's existence.

Popularity: Tags: philosophy, religion, christian, argument Secularvoices - be Rational. be Outspoken. be Heard.

SecularVoices focuses on raising awareness of issues affecting the secular movement, discusses current events related to separation of church and state in the US, and promotes awareness of outstanding secular content creators.

Popularity: Tags: secular, atheist, atheism, nonreligious The Atheist Experience tv Show

The Atheist Experience is a live Internet TV show in Austin Texas for a general audience.

Popularity: Tags: atheist, atheism, austin, texas Atheist Universe

We are a worldwide social network of freethinkers, atheists, agnostics and secular humanists.

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