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Фан-клуб группы Placebo. Тексты песен, переводы, интервью, биографии участников, творчество фанатов, фотографии.

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PLACEBO are delighted to reveal LOUD LIKE LOVE TV a unique and candid 90 minute online TV show streamed LIVE globally from YouTube Space London. Watch the show here:

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Несомненно, что кульминацией сегодняшнего праздничного дня станет концерт Placebo в Париже. И у нас есть шанс насладиться этим зрелищем: вот здесь об

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Love Longboarding

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Die Website King of Placebo beschäftigt sich vor allem aber mit der Musikband Placebo und der Kult-Sitcom King of Queens.

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Empty Meds Placebo Tribute Band live al Black Hole Milano per Black Circus + Dade City Days

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Placebo is music for outsiders, by outsiders, and our gigs are like conventions of outcasts - which is cool" Brian Molko

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Popularity: Tags: pete doherty, bratislava, placebo, brian molko Songs And Lyrics Meanings | Music Has Been a Part of Man Since Pre-history. Its a Powerful Tool Man Has Created And Can Influence Everything, From Changing a Persons Mood to Changing The Course of History When it is Used as a Weapon of Revolution. Music Has Shaped us And The World And Many Songs Are Therefore Worthy of Analysis. What i Propose to You Here Are my Interpretations on Lyrics of Songs i Hear, Showing You as Well, When Available to Me, The Authors View on Them.

Music has been a part of Man since pre-history. Its a powerful tool Man has created and can influence everything, from changing a persons mood to changing the course of History when it is used as a weapon of revolution. Music has shaped us and the world and many songs are therefore worthy of analysis. What I propose to you here are my interpretations on lyrics of songs I hear, showing you as well, when available to me, the authors view on them.

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Fan de Placebo desde 1998

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❤ Placebo ❤ Manic Street Preachers Just gathering here some photos and videos mainly for my own enjoyment... ツ

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Placebo is music for outsiders, by outsiders and our gigs are like conventions of outcasts, which is cool. " - Brian Molko. Welcome to the World of Placebo.

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Blog dedicated to Placebo. I will post audio, video and some explanations but I dont think to post a lot of gifs, images and photos! There are a lot of blogs where we can find these . The musics you...

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Asia - F - 20 - PL Mr. Molko inspires me & motivates to learn about myself and life. #Echelon I love F1 #teamKimi

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jetset life

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I dont know much, but I know what I like." Sharing new music every day.

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Chel • 24 • she/her • Buenos Aires The future is bulletproof

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