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Genos World offers the latest celebrity news, fun news and commentary. The site also promotes important charities and causes.

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Popularity: Tags: charisma carpenter, angel, buffy the vampire slayer, cordelia chase 新美容なら!ユーグレナ! | ユーグレナできれいになれる

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Popularity: Tags: charisma carpenter, cordelia chase, photo gallery, news Stranger Things Forum - Powered by Vbulletin

A discussion forum for Charisma Carpenter, Cordelia Chase, and the Cordelia/Angel Cordy/Angel relationship from "Angel: The Series"

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Hellmouth - this is the place for all your need to know about Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

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The Official Website of Erik Liberman

Popularity: Tags: actor, writer, teacher, director is Coming Soon(ish)... - home of the Complete Buffy the Vampire Slayer Episode Guide, the most thorough episode guide available. Includes synopses, reviews, quotes, goofs, music, images, and much more. is also home to Buffy news, a schedule of actor appearances, cast and character info, image galleries, a great forum community, and more.

Popularity: Tags: buffy episode guide, buffy the vampire slayer, buffy the vampire slayer episode guide, buffy music Michael Grgas // Design Director + Art Director

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Popularity: Tags: graphic designer, web designer, sound designer, flash designer Angel The Series - Portal

Angel - Jäger der Finsternis Angel Forum David Boreanaz Cordelia Serie Charisma Carpenter Wesley Gunn Doyle Buffy Vampir

Popularity: Tags: angel, forum, david boreanaz, serie 治験に参加は自分にも世間にもメリットがあります


Popularity: Tags: the lying game, lying game, abc family, alexandra chando Rst Pictures | Intro

RST Pictures is the production company of feature film writer and director, Reg Traviss, and, is the title holder of the name “A Reg Traviss Film”.

Popularity: Tags: tom schilling, ed stoppard, bernard hill, charisma carpenter - Registered at

Charisma Fan is a fansite dedicated to the talented and beautiful actress Charisma Carpenter, best known for playing Cordelia Chase in Buffy & Angel.

Popularity: Tags: charisma carpenter, cordelia chase, photo gallery, news Ourania | Just Another Site

Just another site

Popularity: Tags: charisma carpenter,, comentario, fotos Legendary Dark Knight

The name is Dante. Im a demon killing mercenary and I happen to like beer and pizza. And ladies. Oh and guns...swords. pretty much any weapon. I run a shop called Devil May Cry. You need an...

Popularity: Tags: charisma carpenter, charmed, dante, cassie For All Your Whedon-y Screencap Needs

If you love the combination of Joss Whedon and pretty screencaps then this is the right place for you :) brought to you by: ◊ iangallagher ◊ emmahyphenjane ◊ paratrooped ◊ blurthelines

Popularity: Tags: buffy summers, sarah michelle gellar, charisma carpenter, angel Seize The Day - Tomorrow You Might be Dead

Youre the Slayer and were, like, the Slayerettes." This blog is dedicated to Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel but Ill also post things about the actors of each show. Enjoy! Screencaps used in my...

Popularity: Tags: buffy summers, charisma carpenter, top episodes, willow rosenberg Wanda Maximoff, The Scarlet Witch

Avenger, Master of Chaos Magic, Avenger, and Teacher to Stephen Strange Jr. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ((OOC: This is the rp blog a 616!AU...

Popularity: Tags: charisma carpenter, scarlet witch, wanda, note Btvs Cast

A blog dedicated to the cast of Buffy the Vampire Slayer run by maddie

Popularity: Tags: sarah michelle gellar, eliza dushku, alyson hannigan Our Story is Epic

sierra. 20. multifandom blog. i spend my days sobbing into my pillow over tv shows and fictional characters. sidebar: maddie slayer(s)

Popularity: Tags: buffy the vampire slayer, angel the series, buffy summers, origin Pictures of Angel - Page 1 of 8

All pictures from "Angel". Stills /behind the scenes /on set/ promos/ cast out set

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Popularity: Tags: ats, angel the series, angel, david boreanaz Bontastic

Tumblr for things I find interesting

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