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Squarespace. A new way of thinking about website publishing.

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Full Dekk Music Group is a multimedia entertainment company located in Orlando, Florida. Chingy is the 1st artist signed and released on Full Dekk Music Group.

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Hi, Im Amy-Jo. I hate yogurt. Also, probably you.

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Figuratively dead

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Im Jen. 26. Feminist. Cat lover. Wine drinker.

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27 ☠⚔⚰Desire to Despair No longer using Snapchat ☺️Instagram: PintSizedMama_

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hanna / seventeen / slytherin / libra / syracuse university

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My names Anne Summers and Im a daughter of the sun god, Apollo. Death? Been there, done that. (( RP account (∪ ◡ ∪✿) ))

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Im Madi, but when dreams of 60s rock-pop girl bands sneak into my head, Im called Cooper. Cooper Calamity, key-tar extraordinaire and winged eyeliner master. In the real world, Im a blogger who...

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Stay your weary little wandering feet at a friends threshhold.

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just two happily in love girls with side sex blog.

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indie rp .&& multimuse. penned by fin.

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---What I write is as real to me as my reflection. But then, crazy people see all kinds of things, dont they? --- Bethany Anne Miller, YA Author.

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today sucks. Im going to bed

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“there are very few things i’ve asked for in this world: to build a new park from scratch, to eventually become president, and to one day solve a murder on a train.”

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Ned Flanders is my Spirit Animal

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Ethan. 25. Male. Charlotte NC. I seek experience.

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+haley. 19. harry styles ruined my life. (⌒▽⌒)

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You gave me a forever within numbered days

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