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This web site opens doors to the new bodies of thought, time-tested spiritual practices, and pioneering group methods, that I find to be powerful inspirations to understanding and action. I share these resources in service to the revolution of our time: the "Great Turning" from the industrial growth society to a life-sustaining civilization.

Popularity: Tags: joanna macy, the great turning, the work that reconnects, engaged buddhism Rainbowbody Network is a gateway toward helping people reclaim their innate indigenous spiritual sense of sacred self within a natural earth and body positve reality

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Despite claims of ‘sustainable development’, most environmental solutions are in fact short-term and short-lived, that is, ‘shallow’. Many of us would like to

Popularity: Tags: deep ecology, deep, vampire, michael Rainbowbody Network is a gateway toward helping people reclaim their innate indigenous spiritual sense of sacred self within a natural earth and body positve reality

Popularity: Tags: love, yoga, deep ecology, rainbow Rainbowbody Network is a gateway toward helping people reclaim their innate indigenous spiritual sense of sacred self within a natural earth and body positve reality

Popularity: Tags: love, yoga, deep ecology, rainbow Fairy & Human Relations Congress | Communication And Co-creation With Devas, Nature Spirits And Faerie Realms

The Fairy & Human Relations Congress is dedicated to promoting Communication and Co-Creation with Nature Spirits, Devas and the Faery Realms.

Popularity: Tags: brooke medicine eagle, rj stewart, orion foxwood, deep ecology Deep Ecology - Making Sense of The Madness

Deep Ecology examines why the world is in a state of crisis and what to do about it. It is about getting something better for people and for the world.

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Making Sense of the Human Planetary Condition: Demystifying the Past, Unraveling the Present & Anticipating the Future

Popularity: Tags: culture, emergent culture, deep ecology, activism Answers to Ecology

Fact sheet with information on ecology and its sub-disciplines.

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Dharma in Sanskrit signifies the interdependent order, or wholeness, in nature and the universe, as well as a way of life that accords with that order and wholeness. Gaia is the Greek name for Mother Earth as a living being. A 'Gaian' is anyone who cherishes and respects this living planet and all of Nature as the home in which we belong. A Dharmagaian perspective on the critical issues of our time suggests that personal integrity and ecocentric ethics in relation to all orders of existence is the way to maintain sanity and survive the changes now occurring in the realms of energy, economy, ecology, climate, and society.

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Earth Vision Books, taking nature to the next level, spiritual ecology

Popularity: Tags: spiritual nature, deep ecology, earth, earth vision The Green Fuse For Environmental Philosophy, Deep Ecology, Social Ecology, Eco-feminism, Earth-centered Spirituality

makes environmental philosophy accessible. Briefings on deep ecology, social ecology, eco-feminism, earth-centered spirituality. Discussion forum and glossary.

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The Fund for Wild Nature invests in cutting-edge grassroots organizations and innovative conservation efforts that meet emerging needs for protecting biodiversity and wilderness. It funds project expenses, not general overhead. The Fund provides money for campaigns within the United States, Canada, and Mexico to conserve and restore native species and wild ecosystems, including actions to defend wilderness and biological diversity. Historically, the Fund has supported actions for wildlife, wilderness, rivers and marine life, as well as actions against development, logging, grazing, mining, and other activities the Fund considers harmful. The Fund has no endowment and is supported entirely by donations from individuals.

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Mindfulness training and coaching. FREE Intro session - call 0274430038 to book. When body, mind and breath come together, we come back to ourselves.

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Deep Ecology is a 5 star PADI Resort offering boat, shore, and no experience dives in the waters surrounding Oahu. We are the only 5 star PADI resort with a boat on the North Shore and we boast top of the line rental gear. Call or visit us today!

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Resources for ethical vegetarians and those concerned about deep ecology or animal rights.

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Blue Archive @ bluegreenearth: An Talamh Glas

Popularity: Tags: archive, blue, atg, environment Birch Creek Arts And Ecology Cen

Deep Wild offers wilderness education and retreat programs and facilities in a remote river canyon of the beautiful Siskiyou Mountains in southwestern Oregon.

Popularity: Tags: arts, ecology, deep ecology, deep Barbara Gates: Already Home

Barbara Gates is the author of Already Home, a Topography of Spirit and Place. She is also the co-founder and editor of the Inquiring Mind.

Popularity: Tags: inquiring mind, buddhism, vipassana, deep ecology The Adventures of Mr. Chris Reflections on Nature | Culture | Animism | Science | Religion | Race And More

Reflections on nature | culture | animism | science | magick | religion | race | and more...

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