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advertising Baccus 6mm

Baccus. The specialist in fine 6mm figures and scenics

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Caliver Books, Partizan Press, Matchlock Miniatures

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advertising Bcw Project :: British Civil Wars, Commonwealth & Protectorate 1638-1660

Biographies, articles, military history and timelines of the British Civil Wars, Commonwealth and Protectorate, 1638-60.

Popularity: Tags: british civil wars, english civil war, english revolution, military history The Marquess of Winchesters Regiment Aimez Loyaute English Civil War Society

English civil war group reenacting and recreating the many aspects of the English civil war period from 1642 to 1652 both militarily and socially. Staging events throughout the UK, a hobby for the history enthusiast and family alike.

Popularity: Tags: english civil war society, reenactors, engli, regiment Jeff & Carolines Pages of 17th Century Stuff And Anything Else we Find Interesting

Jeff and Carolines pages of 17th Century Stuff and anything else we may find interesting

Popularity: Tags: 17th century, english civil war, sealed knot, jeff vincent Cafe @ 1646

An historically-themed cafe in the heart of Torrington, serving delicious, locally-sourced food and hot and cold drinks.

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17th Century Life & Times Re-enactors living history Site 1600 to 1690 English Civil War Military & Civilian History New Site

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Photo library by Susanne Atkin of historical re-enactment. Includes saxon, medieval, tudor, english civil war, spanish civil war, home guard and home front. Section on cameras used by war photography, featuring the AFPU..

Popularity: Tags: photography, reenactment, home guard, english civil war English Civil War Society we Bring History Alive!

The English Civil War Society recreates the military history of the 17th century civil wars in Britain between King and Parliament.

Popularity: Tags: english civil war society, english civil war, british, history Civil War Military Art Prints

Military art prints of Civil Wars including the American Civil War, English Civil War, Spanish Civil War, Rhodesian civil war and NATO's troops on peacekeeping missions in the former Yugoslavia from the military print specialists, Cranston Fine Arts.

Popularity: Tags: military art prints, civil wars, american civil war, english civil war English Civil War Regiment of Lord Molyneux And Civil War Battles

English Civil War regiments in the Sealed Knot and the English Civil War Society give historical re-enactments of civil war battles, skirmishes and living history events. Molyneux raised two regiments, one of horse and one of foot in the English Civil War. We are the foot regiment and we represent the soldiers who fought at battles from Edgehill to Naseby. Sheffield Sealed Knot company of foot

Popularity: Tags: sealed knot, english civil war, civil war battles, regiment Early Stuart Libels | Index

These poems throw new light on literary and political culture in England in the decades from the accession of King James I to the outbreak of the English Civil War.

Popularity: Tags: political, culture, king james i, english civil war - is For Sale (ivan Henry)

Ivan Henry Trading Company sells reproduction replica flintlocks, matchlocks and wheel lock pistols, muskets and blunderbuss from the 16th, 17th and 18th Centuries. Specializing in the Golden Age of Piracy 1680-1720.

Popularity: Tags: replica, wheel lock, pistol, french The John Hampden Society Honouring a Great Englishman

A society devoted to the study of 17th century Parliamentarian John Hampden, who became famous through resisting the King's illegal Ship Money tax.

Popularity: Tags: john hampden, great hampden, hampden house, buckinghamshire Chris Collingwood Military Art

Military prints, historical art paintings by military artist Chris Collingwood, covering Ancient and Medieval history, English and American Civil War.

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Chris Collingwood, leading military artist for military portraits and historical subjects from the Roman Empire to the English and American Civil Wars.

Popularity: Tags: chris collingwood, military art, historical art, military portraits Sir Marmaduke Rawdon's Regiment of Foote | About Rawdons

Welcome to the official website of Sir Marmaduke Rawdons Regiment of Foote, a regiment of the Sealed Knot Society who re-enact battles and events from the English Civil War

Popularity: Tags: english civil war, battle, pike, cannon The Kings Lifeguard of Foote | Members of The Sealed Knot

King's Lifeguard Regiment of Foote - Re enacting the English Civil War, The Sealed Knot

Popularity: Tags: english civil war, king, the regiment, companies Roundhead Association 2018

Re-anactment of the turbulent times of the 17th Century

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William Dowsing and iconoclasm in East Anglia during the English Civil War, 1643-4

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Action photographers, site contains galleries of our work including re-enactment, weddings and wildlife.

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Action photographers, site contains galleries of our work including re-enactment, weddings and wildlife.

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