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advertising Naturopathic Doctor Nutritionist | Naturopath | Holistic Medicine Alternative Medicine New Jersey nj New York ny

Naturopathic Doctor and Nutritionist In New Jersey New York Providing Holistic Medicine, Natural Health, Alternative Medicine Services

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advertising New York's Integrative And Holistic Medicine Medical Center | Patients Medical

Patients Medical New Yorks leading integrative and holistic health care center. The practice employs physicians who combine the best of conventional and holistic medicine with state of the art equipment to provide comprehensive care and treatment to their patients.

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advertising Acupuncture Burbank, Northridge, And Porter Ranch

Looking for an acupuncturist in Los Angeles or the Valley? Acupuncture, Chinese Medicine, Acupressure, and natural herbs in Burbank and Porter Ranch.

Popularity: Tags: acupuncture, kung fu, tai chi, acupuncture pasadena Integrative Medicine Welcome to Sasim The South African Society of Integrative Medicine [sasim] Was Inaugurated in 2001. Sasim is an Association of Medical Practitioners in South Africa, Who Practise, or Have an Interest in Integrative Medicine.

S.A.S.I.M. (South African Society of Integrated Medicine) was initiated in 2001. SASIM is an association of medical and other health practitioners, who practise, or have an interest in Integrative Medicine

Popularity: Tags: integrative medicine, integrated medicine, holistic medicine, holistic hea Hormone, Holistic Doctor Nyc | Lyme Disease, Anti Aging Treatment Long Island | dr Sergey Kalitenko

Holistic Doctor, Functional and Anti-Aging medicine, Dr. Sergey Kalitenko has been helping patients throughout his career. We also offer treatment of lyme disease, bhrt therapy & intravenous therapy in long island, brooklyn & new york.

Popularity: Tags: long island, nyc, treatment, lyme disease Mahima For Life Wholesale Products

Call us about our Mahima For Life Wholesale Products today. Speak to our certified nutritionists at 1 (888) 334-7034!

Popularity: Tags: ayurveda, vitamins, supplements, ayurvedic Lewis Family Natural Health - Holistic Doctors in Asheville

We are Doctors Eric & Kristina Lewis, a husband-and-wife team of naturopathic physicians and experts in natural health care & holistic medicine in

Popularity: Tags: naturopathic doctor, holistic doctors, holistic medicine, natural health Spirit of Change Magazine | Holistic New England

A holistic and alternative health magazine with articles, events, local guides and an alternative health directory.

Popularity: Tags: holistic health, alternative medicine, holistic medicine, natural living Holistic Medicine | Holistic Alternative Medicine | Natural Supplements

Holistic medicine, holistic alternative medicine and natural supplements including vitamins, herbs, and hormones provided ,by The Center for Holistic Medicine. Our holistic doctors in Michigan also offer holistic services such as natural therapy.

Popularity: Tags: holistic medicine, holistic alternative medicine, natural supplements, alternative medicine Leading Edge Technology to Reduce Physical Pain & Stress - Energy Medicineart of Neutrality

Receive Free Training Videos on Energy Medicine to Relieve Physical, Emotional, Mental, and Psychological Stress.

Popularity: Tags: energy medicine, natural pain relief, natural stress relief, yuen method Dhanvantari Ayurveda Center Ayurvedic Practitioner Consultant Herbalist Holistic Medicine

Ayurveda Consultant Practitioner Herbalist for Ayurvedic medicine (holistic Indian medicine), Ayurvedic nutrition, panchakarma cleansing (PK), also called ayur-veda, ayurved, using pulse to assess Ayurvedic body type and physiiological imbalance

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Healing Touch International, Inc., (dba: Healing Beyond Borders, Educating and Certifying the Healing Touch®) is a non-profit certification, education, and membership Organization serving Healing Touch providers, Practitioners, Instructors, and the general public. The organization educates and certifies Healing Touch Practitioners and Instructors, coordinates Healing Touch research, assists integration of Healing Touch into healthcare settings, and promotes the work of Healing Touch around the world.

Popularity: Tags: healing beyond borders, holistic medicine, healing touch, energy Avoiding Chronic Pain And Promoting Well Being, With Holistic Doc.

Avoiding chronic pain. Help in finding the reasons for a pain, simple self help solutions and medical information on pain and general health.

Popularity: Tags: chronic pain, muscle pain, pain management, holistic medicine Home | Vida 4 Vitality

Dr. Vida Talebi is a board certified Naturopathic Doctor providing online Naturopathic consultation to individuals in the United States.

Popularity: Tags: nd, holistic medicine, alternative medicine, appointment Accu Weight-loss

Accu Weight-Loss System combines Acupressure, nutrition,,and Chi Gong breathing to achieve rapid weight loss...

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Our professionally-trained instructors are passionate about sharing their knowledge of energy healing with students from around the world. Our reputable energy

Popularity: Tags: energy healing, crystal therapy, school medicine, energy medicine Holistic Medicine Provided by Medical Doctor Victor Tsan -

Viva Healthy Life founded by Medical Doctor Victor Tsan in Philadelphia. He is expert in Hypnotherapy, Homeopath, and Acupuncture. Call us (267) 403-3085 today!

Popularity: Tags: acupuncture, hypnosis, hypnotherapy, reiki Archive of Searching For Background Science

Archive of older searching for science behind medical alternatives

Popularity: Tags: naturopathy, holistic medicine, nes, quantum healing Supplements Vitamins Natural Healthy Quality Wellness Products

Salerno Vitamins sells supplements, minerals and herbal formulas of unmatched potency and value. Our supplements are natural and pure.

Popularity: Tags: holistic medicine, heavy metal detoxification, salerno, supplements products Enaturaltherapy - Alternative Medicine Directory

Alternative medicine directory

Popularity: Tags: medicine, directory, alternative medicine, relaxing massage Mysticmedicine: Alternative Healing & Naturopathic Medicine

MysticMedicine aims to seek and share effective systems of naturopathic medicine and alternative healing from around the world.

Popularity: Tags: alternative healing, naturopathic medicine, chinese herbs, holistic medicine Skillcode | Spiritual Evolution of Earth

SkillCode (Mindfulness & Wellness): Our mission is simple, to help you empower yourself through positive living and thinking.

Popularity: Tags: spirituality, holistic, holistic healing, holistic medicine Holistic & Functional Medicine: Chronic Disease | Naperville Institute

Welcome to the Naperville Institute for NeuroMetabolic Solutions. We treat the person, not their diagnosis. We focus on treating the root causes associated with diabetes, neuropathy, hashimotos and other diseases. Many people have suffered from IBS and thyroid conditions like you and found relief. You can regain your life. Contact us today for a free phone consultation!

Popularity: Tags: thyroid, ibs, irritable bowel syndrome, alternative medicine Complementary Alternative Medicine Doctors And Holistic Healing - Drpodell

Among the more renowned complementary alternative medicine and integrative medicine doctors, Dr. Podell offers holistic medicine treatments for a variety of ailments.

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