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advertising Apache Solr Cloud Hosting: Solr-as-a-service | Measured Search

Measured Search is a Hosted Solr solution that allows you to manage and maintain apache solr search service in the cloud of your choice.

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advertising Smart Search Solutions From The Cloud - Solr Hosting | Elasticsearch Hosting - Indexdepot

Get a professional search hosting for Apache Solr und ElasticSearch from the Cloud. IndexDepot furnishes search solutions for numerous applications based on the latest technologies.

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advertising Hosted Solr - Hosting Solr For Typo3, Ruby on Rails And Magento

Instantly available - highly scalable - no hidden obligations. With Hosted Solr, you set the limits. You can choose a suitable plan depending on your needs.

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Zapjot is a hosted ElasticSearch (similar to Solr, Lucene, Xapian, and Sphinx) search engine on the cloud.

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Onemorecloud, LLC is Nick Zadrozny and Kyle Maxwell.

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