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im alyssa. jinbam is my fave.

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danny • he • 14 i dont know wtf im doing

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milo | 18 | puerto rico | games, mostly Soul of the mind, key to lifes ether Soul of the lost, withdrawn from its vessel Let strength be granted, so the world might be mended So the world might be...

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Videos, links, pics, and other items useful to those in love with libraries- more specifically school libraries and childrens/YA literature. Contact me with any questions, comments, or suggestions!

Popularity: Tags: i agree, school librarian, librarian, library Reporting For Duty-! Come say Hi, I wont bite. --- #DRN005 Ice Man here. Im tired of playing pretend by myself, lemme bug you guys on this "tumblr" thing! --- ((Part of AMRs most factual and original...

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William Grey | Immortal | Angel♠ Face Claim: Ben Barnes. ♠ Multi-verse character.♠ Canons and OCs welcome.♠ Para roleplay preferred. ♠ Ask Box is open. ♠ Submissions are open.♠ Magic!Anon: None.♠...

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Instagram: @whostolemycarradio

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this is not a Rugrats blog.

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reader | tinkerer | virtual flaneur

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wow wtf

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Hey Im Albyaino, Im a field hockey player, digital artist as well as a volunteer Fire FIghter. Im only here to use this as my blog, so if you dont feel like reading most likely boring things, or...

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I love Peter Gabriel, Christoph Waltz and Ralph Fiennes

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Lover & Dreamer ♥

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My name is Bee, Im twenty-five and here is where I will dump all my things. :D As a warning we are about to loop through like a billizilion fandoms. Youve been warned. Now you cant be mad.

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Take a dose of distraction

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three hundred seven percent done

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You can confess everything. Mean or nice. Ill make a confession of it as fast as possible!

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This is Ryous personal blog! Thank you for visiting ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

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