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Hi Im Darcy Im obsessed with guys in bands and awkward YouTubers and yep thats me! so why not follow me?

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Im from Virginia. This is a personal blog, & I will post personal thoughts and things. This blog is also tailored to things Im interested in, or could be. Feel free to stop by and get to know me...

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Hi, Im Juliette. But that doesnt matter because this blog is for you. This blog is for you. Ask whatever youd like. Get an outside opinion. Vent. Get something off your chest. I hope you have a...

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This blog is about a girl who wants to be healthy and skinny, that is all. Age: 17 Height: 58 Start Weight: 170 Current Weight: 160 Goal Weight: 130 Ultimate Goal Weight: 120

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A blog dedicated to those in need of guidance, understanding and of course, advice. Im happy to help with any of these issues (online)

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We know not what we do, for we are all weak in our own way. If it is in image, soul, heart or mind we are all weak. We build to destroy, and then build once more. When will we ever learn.. The mind is...

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I like drag queens, big dicks, and binge drinking.

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Pro recovery

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A blog that gives you a strangers advice

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fictional characters and meatball sandwiches

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Morgan. Hearts taken. I love everyone. I post whatever fits my mood at the moment. Im the nicest person in the world, dont be afraid to talk.

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This is just a collection of stuff I love. Will mostly be reblogs and the like. Twenty-something Canuck with a love of pop culture.

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