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advertising Dave Coulier | Where You Can Find Upcoming Tour Dates, New Videos, Fan Photos, And More!

Dave Coulier | an American standup comedian, actor, TV host and voice over artist.

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advertising Full House! The Musical Parody! | Full House! The Musical Parody!

Full House! The Musical Parody! is the unauthorized musical parody of the 90s Sitcom “Full House”! Starring Perez Hilton as Danny Tanner!

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advertising Hola Tannerinos!

Celebrating every Tannerino, from the greatest (Kimmy Gibbler) to the worst (Joey Gladstone, followed closely by Joey Gladstones impression of Bullwinkle) in all of their glory.

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This is where Jordan puts down the pineapple parasol and and raises high the banner of sappy, out of control fandom obsessions, namely OWL CITY / LIGHTS / DOCTOR WHO / MILLION OTHER TV SHOWS. Follow...

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