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Fansub Dan Fanshare

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C O N C E P T A R T Servant of art since 1990, Singapore

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Just a girl who like movies, series and games!

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Words and pictures

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Imagine you’re finding yourself playing Animal Crossing New Leaf, and you ask yourself: Oh hey, wouldnt it be cool if there were Power Ranger outfits? Look no further! Ive got them! Whether it’s...

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The year is 2015 anno novi! Walking the path of Tumblr, these plastic heroes want defend you from boredom by becoming the strongest and greatest Figuarts in history! Hear them roar! Also, feel free to...

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also zarahjoyce at lj, dw,, and ao3. If I ship it, you can bloody well be sure Ive written something about it. Sometimes I make graphics. But mostly I write fanfic.

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Hello, Im Atan. This account is for reblogging everyones pretty arts. If youre the artist of any artworks I reblog and you dont want your artworks reblogged here, please tell me. Ill gladly...

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Hello, Im Tantan. This blog is for posting my watercolour drawings, Thank you very much for stopping by.

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Hi! Im Serene, 玥 in Chinese. A Fangirl who come from Hong Kong :D Addicted to Kamen Rider series at the moment. Love Kirk/Spock in Star Trek(TOS&XI) Obsessed with Chris Pine (aka the Princess...

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100% accurate, except the parts that are wrong.

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Disfarço sono com tédio e tédio com sono. This profile is dedicated for tokusatsu and other toku-fans, lets get along!

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Mostly just random stuff, ranging from world domination, my thoughts on life, and cool stuff that I want to share.

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A goldfish & a pig. Fangirl of many things but mostly Tokusatsu, D-BOYS/D2 & Jpop.

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