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advertising Idsa : Infectious Diseases Society of America

Infectious Diseases Society of America; IDSA

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advertising - Advocating Nationally For Quality Accessible Healthcare For Patients With Lyme Disease

Lyme Times issues provide in-depth coverage on a variety of topics, including lyme disease in children and adolescents, integrative medicine, and insurance challenges.

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advertising New York's Integrative And Holistic Medicine Medical Center | Patients Medical

Patients Medical New Yorks leading integrative and holistic health care center. The practice employs physicians who combine the best of conventional and holistic medicine with state of the art equipment to provide comprehensive care and treatment to their patients.

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For over the last 17 years, Envita Medical Center has dedicated our work to providing our patients the absolute best treatment modalities and latest technology from around the world. Envita is considered one of the top integrative medical centers in the country and is also a Unipathic Medicine accredited facility.

Popularity: Tags: medical, home, lyme disease, treatment Companion Animal Parasite Council | Capc Vet

Companion Animal Parasite Council is considered the independent authority on the parasites of pets such as fleas, ticks, roundworms, tapeworms and heartworm.

Popularity: Tags: ticks, lice, parasites, lyme Pets & Parasites: The Pet Owner's Parasite Resource

Pets and Parasites is the pet owners resource for information on the parasites of pets like fleas, ticks, lice, roundworms, tapeworms, mange and heartworm.

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The TickEncounter Resource Center promotes tick-bite protection and tick-borne disease prevention by engaging, educating, and empowering people to take action.

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After having followed and thoroughly reviewed several language changes in the Mass effort to pass a Lyme insurance bill, the LDA is backing the Lyme amendment attached to the Mass budget. At

Popularity: Tags: needed, action, residents, mass Buhner Healing Lyme q & a | an Herbal Protocol For Lyme And Co-infections

Q & A column with Stephen Harrod Buhner for his Healing Lyme: Natural Healing And Prevention of Lyme Borreliosis And Its Co-infections herbal protocol.

Popularity: Tags: lyme disease, borrelia burgdorferi, healing lyme, lyme Lyme Disease Network

Lyme Disease Network (LymeNet): a non-profit org dedicated to providing physicians, patients and researchers with current info on tick-borne illnesses

Popularity: Tags: lyme, lymes, lyme disease, bullseye rash Lymenet Europe - Information And Discussion About Lyme Disease

LymeNet Europe offers information and discussion about Lyme disease; both general (worldwide) and related to Europe specifically.

Popularity: Tags: lyme, lyme disease news, lyme disease Cary Institute of Ecosystem Studies

A private, not-for-profit environmental research and education organization in Millbrook, N.Y. Focal areas include air and water pollution, climate change, invasive species, and the ecological dimensions of infectious disease.

Popularity: Tags: ecology, environment, scientific research, infectious diseases Hormone, Holistic Doctor Nyc | Lyme Disease, Anti Aging Treatment Long Island | dr Sergey Kalitenko

Holistic Doctor, Functional and Anti-Aging medicine, Dr. Sergey Kalitenko has been helping patients throughout his career. We also offer treatment of lyme disease, bhrt therapy & intravenous therapy in long island, brooklyn & new york.

Popularity: Tags: long island, nyc, treatment, lyme disease Symptoms of Lyme Disease And Associated Coinfections

Identifying symptoms of disease and associated coinfections. Treatment for neuroborreliosis, Lyme disease. Children affected with Lyme disease. Find the 300 hundred diseases that Lyme disease mimics and all the common Lyme symptoms. The weird and bizarre Symptoms of Lyme disease caused by an insect bite can change and alter your life, your personality, your health and your income. The severe infection of Lyme disease bacteria manifests itself with an array of ever changing, waxing and waning, bizarre and weird symptoms that started a specific month and year. It is common to be mis-diagnosed and thereby the disease continues the invasion of your body and now along with unnecessary and wrong medications will increase the sabotage of your physical and mental health. This is a multi systemic disease that manifests symptoms affecting any system of the body.

Popularity: Tags: lyme disease, lyme symptoms, lyme, borrelia burgdorferi Ticks, Dogs And Disease — Protect Your Pet

Ticks are common parasites that can be found anywhere, from the deep woods to urban parks. And each year, thousands of dogs become infected with serious diseases transmitted by a number of different ticks. Diseases like ehrlichiosis, Lyme disease, anaplasmosis and others. Find out more and protect your dog from ticks and disease with

Popularity: Tags: dog, ticks, lyme, symptoms Park Ridge Multimed | The Integrative Medicine Practice of Dr. Keith Berndtson

Park Ridge Multimed is a private practice located in Park Ridge, Illinois led by Doctor Keith Berndtson, we specialize in Integrative Medicine and an Integrated Systems approach to health and wellness

Popularity: Tags: integrative medicine, wellness, medicine, doctor Tools, Treatments & Techniques | Cfs/me + Lyme Recovery Path

Educate yourself to recover from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/M.E

Popularity: Tags: holistic, alternative, supplements, chronic - a Site Dedicated to Lyme Disease And Mold Illness - Home

After almost twenty years of chronic illness, the site chronicles my battle with and recovery from Lyme Disease, mold illness, and the many issues that are involved.

Popularity: Tags: lyme disease, fibromyalgia, parasites, chronic fatigue syndrome Common Diseases in Dogs & Cats

Find out what Banfield veterinarians say about common cat and dog diseases from the State of Pet Health Report.

Popularity: Tags: dog health, veterinarians, cat health, pet diseases France Lyme

France Lyme, Association de lutte contre les maladies vectorielles à tiques, borreliose, Lyme disease, borreliosis

Popularity: Tags: maladie de lyme, lyme disease, france, association Bada uk | Borreliosis And Associated Diseases Awareness uk

BADA-UK is a charity, run by volunteers, to raise awareness of the dangers of tick bites and the diseases that may result from them.

Popularity: Tags: lyme disease, ticks, tick bites, tick-borne diseases Home Page - Igenex

IGeneX Inc. is a Reference Laboratory specializing in State-of-the-Art Clinical and Research Testing for Lyme Disease and Associated Tick-borne Diseases

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