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advertising Vancouver Pilates Studio: Pilates Unlimited Inc. Fitness, Rehabilitation, Wellness, Equipment Sales, Certification, And More.

Pilates Unlimited Inc. is a fully equipped Pilates studio located in Vancouver, BC Canada. Pilates Unlimited offers top-quality group and private instruction for fitness and/or rehabilitation on the apparatus and mat as well as on-site corporate mat classes. Pilates Unlimited also offers Pilates Instructor Training programs and on-site instructor training. Pilates sells made-in-B.C. Pilates Equipment to outfit your home or studio including; Adjustable Reformers, Cadillac, Wunda Chair, West Coast Spine Corrector Pilates, small and large Barrels. We have the lowest prices and best quality Pilates Mats, Magic Circles, Therabands, Sitfits, and Stability Balls

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