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advertising When a Single Woman Goes to The Bank to Become a Mommy

When a single woman goes to the bank to have a family: an uncommon mommy blog

Popularity: Tags: mommyblogger, mommy blog, single mothers by choice, parenting This Full House

So, why This Full House? 6 people (2 teens, two 20-somethings and 2 totally uncool parents), living in a 7 room house on the Jersey Shore (YES! On purpose), enough said.

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Lisa Allen | (Single) Mom, Freelance Writer, Author, Ghost Author

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Mompreneur Ink is an online community for mom small business owners. Were moms who work-at-home, stay-at-home and work full-time with a small business.

Popularity: Tags: entrepreneurs, mommyblogger, community, business Rambleramble

A little introspective, a little quirky, and a lot of rambling.

Popularity: Tags: parenthood, marriage, family, mommyblogger Dazed Dad – Reflections on Family, Fatherhood, Loss & Grief

Reflections on family, fatherhood, loss & grief. I am a father of 3, 1 living. We lost twin boys in 2010, and our 3rd son was born in 2011. This is about my journey of being a dazed dad.

Popularity: Tags: twins, children, mommyblogger, raising children Hipstermomblog - Jerusalem Israel Based Hipster Mom Blogs

The musings of a hipster mom living in Israel, juggling her toddler, husband & career. Product reviews, hipster mom picks & plenty of spit up.

Popularity: Tags: mommyblogger, product, reviews, baby Mels Box of Chocolates

Mommyblogger surviving on the box of chocolates that is my life as a wife, mom, teacher, runner, and weight loss success story living in my sandcastle at the beach in Delaware.

Popularity: Tags: parenting, motherhood, working mom, teaching Bad Pitches

We all get them, bad pitches. Why not laugh about them together? We want to see your bad pitches. Send them to badpitchesblog (at) gmail dot com All companies and bloggers remain anonymous.

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This week has been full of tests in Mommyville - so I just wanted to remind anyone going through the same thing that you're doing the best you can and that

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Popularity: Tags: lifestyle, influencer, boss, motivation The Anti-haro

These are the HARO requests we imagine the writers of these stories would have made.

Popularity: Tags: wall street journal, mommyblogger, politics, business Taij♛

Taij. 21. Dont be like the rest of them darling.

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I blog about almost everything. I blog about recipes, DIYs, hauls, reviews, tips, beauty, health and so much more.

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Pagan | Mom | Still broke Welcome! I post a little bit of everything, like basic witchcraft information, divination, craft projects, my photography, and random musings.

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Http://Chica-Fashion.Com All for the love of fashion, looking & feeling great without breaking the bank. Faith & Family! #NJLatinaBloggers Founder. Fashion, Fab Finds, Food & Fitness. My kids are my...

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Queen; Serenitys mommy, fashion & makeup enthusiast, free spirited Aquarian goddess. IG: @Crowns_n_Curls

Popularity: Tags: motherhood, parenting, minnesota, mall of america ~klm Photography~

They say that a photo is worth a thousand words. Well heres my story...... My Lifes Inspirations

Popularity: Tags: squad, reblog permalink We're Not in Kansas Anymore, Toto.

Oh, wait. Yes we are. <meta name="mbl" content="79426a45baaabdf4e22d362c262c4e03102cb133" />

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Where the IRS and babies collide

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