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Heard about this mansion a few years ago and thought it would never be built. Wonder what new legal troubles are brewing for that guy. I'm just glad

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New & Used CDs, VInyl and Tapes since 1980

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Chronicles Of A Lifetime

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Swede Nothings is the blog of Janice Wong, an Australian cellist and digital media fanatic living the life in Amsterdam, The Netherlands studying a Masters of New Media at the University of Amsterdam and working at adidas HQ in digital marketing. She gath

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Edmontons Eclectic Music Emporium

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Forty years ago, from 1969 to 1974, I fought fires in New London, Connecticut as a volunteer bunkman and fought fires as a paid man and volunteered on the ambulance in Groton, Connecticut---meaning at least 1500 runs, or about the equivalent of a year's duty in a four-shift busy big city firehouse. Enough runs to see multiple-alarm workers, routine structure fires, arson, tank fires, mattress fires, kitchen fires, electrical fires, car fires, dumpster fires, grass fires, extrications, car accidents, smoke in the building, wash downs, false alarms, and a few dead bodies.

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Serving What Women Want Since 2011: Fashion Trends, Celebrity, Celeb News, Gossips, Woman Health, Hairstyle, Beauty Tips, Style and so on.

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Peace, love, romance, railways, international socialism, and sleeping on strangers floors in beautiful new cities after the best night of pop thrills ever... Hello you! The Sweet Nothings are an indiepop band from Sheffield, UK. We like pretty, sparkly tunes and we like big loud noise as well, so we thought we’d try and do both…

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a somewhat daily photo journal.

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