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advertising Mundo Star Trek -- Una Nueva Manera de Informarte de Todo lo Referente a Star Trek.

Una nueva manera de informarte de todo lo referente a Star Trek. Películas, series, personajes y mucha información de la saga de ciencia-ficción a tu alcance y en español.

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advertising Treknation :: Das Ultimative Archiv Deutscher Star Trek Fanfiction!

TrekNation ist das größte deutsche Star Trek Fanfiction Archiv. Hier findet jeder Leser etwas für seine Bedürfnisse.

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advertising | The Best Place to Find Zachary Quinto

The Best Place To Find Zachary Quinto

Popularity: Tags: zachary quinto, zach, quinto, pittsburg Star Trek Collective | Star Trek Forum • Index Page

The Star Trek Collective forum is a Star Trek forum for Star Trek fans to meet and chat about everything Star Trek.

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to infinity and beyond is jcink hosted, post 2009 star trek role playing site.

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Popularity: Tags: kirk, star trek, star trek xi a Little Suffering is Good For The Soul

Ruth. I think about Star Trek a lot. Old enough to know better, still too young to care. Pennsylvania native. Second generation Trekkie. (Thanks, Mom.) INFJ. Whovian. Sherlockian. Ravenclaw. Bones is...

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Unfriendly black hottie who puts the megane in "meganerd."

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DISCLAIMER: all traditional rn bc of reasons :// also mostly just doodles

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For all your Star Trek needs. ▶ run by lesliecrusher ◀ TOS || TNG || DS9 || VOY || ENT || XI

Popularity: Tags: star trek, star trek xi, tos, jim kirk Texts From The Enterprise

Where texts from last night meets Star Trek. Accepting texts from TOS and Reboot Trek. Feel free to submit a text, either by ask or submitting a whole picture Sumitting rules are here.

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A blog dedicated to imagining the TOS/reboot crew of the Enterprise throughout all of their space adventures.

Popularity: Tags: star trek, star trek tos, star trek aos, star trek xi Star Trek Promo

[Automated Blog] All content from this blog is from the LiveJournal and Dreamwidth comms Star Trek Promo. If you have a Star Trek related promo or want to reach Star Trek fans, please make submissions...

Popularity: Tags: star trek, trek into darkness, characters, content Vulcan Salutes

Because I have been collecting pictures of celebrities doing Vulcan Salutes for like two years now, and kept meaning to make a blog and forgetting, thats what this is going to be. Seacrest out.

Popularity: Tags: star trek, vulcan salute, star trek xi, good night Kiran Reads Fanfic

I read fanfiction and then review them. Fanfiction you will find here will be 99% shiptastic - and the last 1% will simply be fantastic. Fandoms and ships you will find here include: Star Trek...

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Sara | 23 | Italy | aspiring photographer ♕ current celebrity crushes: karl urban, chris pine, richard armitage, michael fassbender ♕ current obsessions: star trek, the hobbit, teen wolf

Popularity: Tags: star trek xi, kelly, misfits, random a Little Suffering is Good For The Soul

Ruth. Three decades around the sun, a.k.a. Tumblr ancient. Second generation Trekkie. (Thanks, Mom.) INFJ. Whovian. Sherlockian. Ravenclaw. Bones is my spirit animal. Ive got 99 problems and Chris...

Popularity: Tags: jim kirk, star trek xi, leonard mccoy, karl urban a Softer Trek

Popularity: Tags: star trek, star trek xi, chris pine, jim kirk Disguise is Always a Self-potrait

[hiatus] The name is Oktarina. Films and fictional characters are my infatuation.

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Popularity: Tags: ryan, star trek xi Votakus Art Journal

Its not what you look at that matters, its what you see."

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Popularity: Tags: star trek xi, share link, characters, summary Handwithquill

With Quill in Hand, I Shall Remake the World

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